Should South Africa legalise marijuana?

When the first law was prohibited on the sale of cannabis in South Africa in 1908, only a few could have predicted a century later that a culture of united pot smokers would meet and fight for the legalisation of the herb.

From the words of the famous reggae legend, Bob Marley, “herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”

On Saturday, 6th May, thousands gathered in Cape Town as a call to the government to legalise cannabis in South Africa.

The rainbow nation of smiling protesters voiced their ideas, habits and concerns on why they believe cannabis should be legalised. Leading the march was Dagga Party leader; Jeremy Acton, supported by the Dagga Couple (Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs), with the crew from Bongalong, and i420 Cape Town, and a list of respective sponsors and supporters.

The Dagga Party leader, Jeremy Acton said, “I just want to cover a few things about the recent dagga judgement and how as a movement we must mobilise over the next two years. This is an opportunity to speak. The recent dagga judgement granted at the high court does not make dagga legal yet. The battle has only just begun… claim your rights everywhere you are to an extent that you can.”

Jeremy Acton added that he smokes about “6 to 8 joints a day, no one has ever died of an overdose of cannabis, and you do not need a prescription because it is practically self-medication.”

The CEO of Bongalong, Johannes Berkhout said, “We are marching for the legalisation of cannabis, not just medicinal and industrial purposes, but recreational as well. We want to see them go from incarceration to education”

Johannes Berkhout states that, should the constitution legalise cannabis, it will add to a large amount of the economic situation of South Africa, it would create jobs in the agriculture, bio fuel, and textile, building and medical industries.

The famous Dagga Couple known for taking on the constitution after they were raided in their home by cops, only to find an old couple in pyjamas rolling buds, was at the march blazing their joints sky high.

The Dagga Couple said that the laws prohibiting the use of Dagga in South Africa is based on propaganda, based on protecting the industries that benefit from its prohibition, it is a violation of the citizens human rights.

“Cape Town males aged 18 – 28 are the prolific signers in the legalisation of cannabis in South Africa. During the month of August we will be in the Pretoria High Court. We are going to be talking about the plant, showing the evidence of how this plant does not harm us. We want to smoke this plant where we want to smoke the plant,” concluded the Dagga Couple.

Short Film: Cape Town Cannabis Walk 2017 – Hosted by Bongalong



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