Entrepreneurs Creating History at the Western Cape Funding Fair 2017

The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) bolstered over 500 business leaders in an exhibition that looked to educate, empower and invest into a growing South African economy.


Deloitte Western Cape and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism presented the 3rd Western Cape Funding Fair programme on Wednesday, 10 May 2017.

Hosted by Mweli Ndaba, an Independent Consultant, the programme began with an extravagant energy and flair that lasted throughout.  His words of, “we learn through experience, but experience should not have to be your experience” stood out for many entrepreneurs at the auditorium.

The programme revolved around SMME landscapes, alternative funding, innovation and value creation, strategic sourcing opportunities, scaling up your business, target market segmentation and financing structures.

Key note speakers included Jason Goldberg; CEO of 10X Entrepreneurs, Director of Edge Growth and Co-founder of Vumela Fund. Matsi Modise the Managing Director at SiMODiSA, Dylan Kruger of M&C Saatchi Abel, Marius Alberts; the Regional Leader of Deloitte Western Cape, Arnold February of Business Partners and Mishinga Kombo of Pick ‘n Pay, to name a few.

Rapelang Rabana, a Thought Leader and Entrepreneur referenced a scene in the movie The Matrix, where Neo chooses the red pill, pointing out that the answers are within you, as leaders and entrepreneurs, you have to follow your journey and find your truth.

Rapelang Rabana – Thought Leader, Founder & CEO of Rekindle Learning.
Much of the crowd’s attention was pinched by local entrepreneurs, Ntombi Nonxuba of Rise Uniforms and Richard Qonto of Pendairies.

Rise Uniform’s entrepreneurial journey began with little but nothing, “When you know what you are doing, and when you know what you want, there is always a divine intervention,” said Ntombi Nonxuba the Founder.

From left to right – Ryan Ravens CEO of Accelerate CT, Richard Qonto CEO of Pendairies, Ntombi Nonxuba CEO of Rise Uniforms, Adam Ismail CEO of Webber Wentzel, & Mishinga Kombo from Pick n’ Pay.
Pendairies’ Richard Qonto said, “I always had the ambition to run my own business. By bringing a solution we have got to have an idea that we can put together, our solutions should cover the problem. It begins with you, with your attitude, you must have a passion for what you do.”

“If you work hard on your concept and you believe in your idea, divine interventions will come. When you decide your product, it must appeal to someone,” added Richard Qonto.

“If a company wants to work with you just because you are black, tell them no, you have to believe you can provide a solution. Today there is this radical transformation that is talked about, we will continue to talk about it for ten years because nobody knows what it means. Politicians will do nothing for you, all they will do is confuse you. You have to emancipate yourself by partnering with the right people,” added Richard Qonto.

As much attention spent internally, one has to also from an external perspective. Dylan Kruger, the Strategist of M&C Saatchi Abel said, “The consumer should always be at the core of what the business is about. Once you pick an opportunity, you have got to back it.”

Jason Goldberg presented a series of business growth opportunities that entrepreneurs can use in scaling a business. He mentioned that it is important to constantly keep investing in yourself and your business.

“Always dedicate 10 days of the week to your business,” concluded Jason Goldberg.

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