Sisa Ngebulana’s 8 Lessons For Forging Success

For Sisa Ngebulana, the real secret to success is the ability to take hard knocks and forge ahead anyway. The right attitude, an ability to learn from mistakes and overcome adversity are the core ingredients to building a successful business. Here are his eight lessons for forging success.

  1. As entrepreneurs, realise that you’re going into areas where there are already established businesses. You’ll be okay when you’re small and keeping small, but when you rise and get bigger, you’re going to have blowback from competitors much larger than yourself. Brace yourself, reconcile yourself to it and face it. It will happen, and you can still win. Don’t be threatened into thinking small.
  1. Have a vision and live it with passion. If you’re in this only to make money, it’s never going to come. The hardships are too great for financial reward alone. You need to love what you do and live for the challenges.
  1. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Always go the extra mile. You can’t keep doing what others are doing and expect to get further than them.
Sonja de Necker (Baywest centre manager), Fikile Xasa (Local Government MEC), Phumulo Masualle (Eastern Cape Premier) and Baywest co-chairpersons, Sisa Ngebulana and Jaco Odendaal, at the official opening of the Baywest Mall. Photo: THEO JEPTHA
  1. Hard work and discipline pay. Always. There are no short-cuts. You need to put your head down and outwork everyone around you.
  1. Build a culture of self-motivation because people will let you down. My grandmother was the first person to tell us this lesson, but life has driven it home. You can’t become despondent. You need to be your own best source of inspiration and strength.
  1. Seek challenges. The more you push, and the higher you reach, the greater the rewards. Yes, it comes with risks, but all great things worth achieving do.
  1. Surround yourself with competence and be challenged by your team. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Find people with the same drive and keep pushing each other to greater heights.


  1. Adversity is a necessary panacea to success. The greater the challenge, the greater the success. Remember, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


Courtesy of Entrepreneur Mag, Written by Nadine Todd

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