Effective communication skills


Public Speaking

Public speaking is an essential ability to master as a business owner, not only because it can help you give memorable speeches and gain popularity points for yourself and your organisation, but also because it can vastly improve your overall business communication. 

Whether it’s at a cocktail party, industry event or when you’re meeting with potential investors or customers, the ability to express your thoughts in a clear, concise and convincing manner makes all the difference. The better you become at public speaking, the more PR you can generate for your business and yourself as an expert in your field.

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Media training

Media training is a type of communication training for people who plan to have interactions with media outlets. This training prepares individuals to represent themselves, a brand or a company to the media by teaching them how to discuss relevant topics in an engaging and professional way. 

It also helps individuals practice a wide variety of interview situations and formats, including television appearances and magazine interviews. if you make a good impression during a public appearance, the media might continue to ask you to contribute your thoughts and opinions on particular topics.

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Having a skilled, effective facilitator guide a meeting or a workshop can make a world of difference to the meeting's outcomes and team's efficiency! A skilled facilitator can get a group to focus on the challenge at hand and help them make better decisions faster. 

A facilitator (or a 'Workshopper', as we like to call them!) is the person who guides a team through a process, helping them unleash their potential, do their best work, and avoid the usual pitfalls of collaboration: groupthink, a lack of outcomes, and team politics (to name just a few!). 

Facilitation is all about helping the group do efficient, meaningful work.

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