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MySchool celebrates 25 years of excellence in South Africa
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MySchool, in partnership with Woolworths, celebrates 25 years of excellence in advocating for quality education in South Africa

MySchool celebrates 25 years of excellence in South Africa

A celebration like no other, the MySchool programme celebrated its 25 years of empowering change in the youth, communities and schools of South Africa.

The event was held at the Christel House School, in Ottery, on Tuesday, 27 September 2022. It had every chair filled with amazing guests, Mayoral Committee Members, business partners, non-governmental organisations, beneficiaries and environmental and animal organisations.

The MySchool programme has supported over 7500 schools, charities and organisations nationally with close to R1 Billion contributed. The programme has benefited young pupils for over 25 years of its existence.

The programme started as a small initiative by two parents who wanted to provide better education for the less privileged individuals that will one day become pioneers in the economy of South Africa. 


Woolworths Holdings Limited Group CEO Roy Bagattini expressed his gratitude for the programme and what it has done for the lives of young South Africans over the years. 

"What started as a small home-based initiative by two parents who wished to provide better education, not only for their children but for every child in South Africa, has since evolved into a pioneering, award-winning programme that is truly unique and truly South African," said Bagattini.

The MySchool programme has grown into an investment in South Africa. It provides outstanding services to win the livelihood of South Africans and aims to bridge the gap that the Apartheid regime created. 

"The investment has gone towards building early childhood development centres, implementing remedial therapy programmes, providing access to water, supporting feeding schemes, sponsoring teacher bursaries, and leadership development for principals and teachers," said Bagattini. 

MC and Media personality Jo-Ann Strauss shared her light on the beautiful work that the MySchool programme has created in the country.

"I have four young children and I realised how hard it is to be a mother with quite a lot extra hands and with privilege. I realized how difficult it is for me to raise these young children. It made me realize that we live in a world and society in which we are part of a community where some have more and some have less and it is important that we realize that it takes a village to raise a child and we are all part of that village," said Strauss.

Founder of the Gift Of The Givers, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, was the guest speaker that painted a devastating image of food insecurity in the country. How children and adults go days without food, being forced to eat plants to kill starvation. 

He thanked the founders who created this programme because the programme has played a huge impact on the livelihoods of South Africans. He said that he wishes that more corporate companies can work hand in hand in continuing to make the country better. 

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