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Young Innovators Honoured at Burning Heroes Start-Up Awards
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Experts from top VC firms in Africa, Europe, Australia and USA named the hottest African startups of 2023 Burning Heroes Startup Awards Africa Juries’ choice

Young Innovators Honoured at Burning Heroes Start-Up Awards

The Burning Heroes Start-Up Awards - Africa has proven to be an event to watch out for and earmark in the entrepreneurship calendar. This event spearheaded by the Burning Heroes Founders Association set LinkedIn ablaze throughout the month of January to herald the first Africa Awards contest which was held 27th -28th January 2023. The contest which is  part of Burning Heroes Founders Association's mission to equalise access to global opportunities (access to investors, media, and experts) for talented Founders attracted jurists from across four continents, and received applications from start-ups in Chad, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Thirty Startups shortlisted in the Market Fit, Innovations, and Product Design categories pitched the international panel of jurists which included VCs and Accelerators such as, Amazon, IDEAX Ventures, Yellowwood's GIxGB Labs,  Zen Consortium, Flat6Labs, Circle+, Plug and Play, Meta, Fund The gap, Naspers Labs, The Delta, Jedar Capital, VC4A, Connected Dot Labs, Savant VC, Starta VC, Hatchery Cape Town and other top Tech Entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers. 

The Burning Heroes Awards was created by a community of Founders - people who have already walked the path of launching Startups and know exactly what is important for launching successful products. That is why our criteria and a clear two-tier evaluation structure helped to identify the real best. Burning Heroes Founders Association is proud to announce the winners of this first Africa edition of the contest. 

2023 BH Winners

All the winners

Market Fit 

🥇, Cape Town, South Africa – Wisioi is South Africa's fashionable resale marketplace. Wisioi lets you open an online boutique and turn your new and used fashion into extra income.

🥈, Kigali, Rwanda – Shambapro is a simple-to-use farm management tool that enables farmers & farm owners to maintain accurate paperless production and financial records. Shambapro App helps farmers to digitize their farm records, collaborate with their workers, experts, advisors or investors, and generates instant financial reports required for financing among other services.

🥉, Cape Town, South Africa – a global financial services for Africans powered by Blockchain. Paie is solving for slow, high-cost and inconsistent foreign payments in Africa as well as local currency.

Product Design

🥇, Nairobi, Kenya – Ada Animation is the home for developing top-tier animators by providing young and ambitious animators with the necessary skills, mentorship and collaboration to produce high-quality projects.

🥈, Johannesburg, South Africa – a sustainable, comfortable, menstrual product with designs and fabrics that are dependable, affordable, and lasting 2+ years if looked after correctly.

🥉, Cape Town, South Africa – a purpose-driven, youth-focused Startup that breaks barriers between African talent and employers globally. Foonda Africa is on a mission to help the world form better human connections by unlocking Africa's next generation of talent to global employers.


🥇, Cape Town, South Africa – an internet Marketplace Platform, pioneering Web3 in the Real World. Momint is building a safe social network to enable the trade of real and digital Assets: such as Solar Energy, Property and Art.

🥈, Cape Town, South Africa – an award-winning Enterprise VR Training Provider with QCTO and MICT SETA Accreditation, creating and delivering immersive workplace experiences, helping enterprises to provide human-centric training and support to remote and hybrid employees using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

🥉, Cape Town, South Africa – an AI-powered dashboard for freelancers that help them optimize their hourly rate, stay competitive, connected, and outsmart the platforms.

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The winners in each category will each receive from the joint Burning Heroes Panel of jurists a basket/hamper of services to help move their businesses forward, including membership and access to the Burning Heroes Founders Association, advisory services, coaching, branding consulting, introductions to investors, business support, a PR feature, and access to cloud services, to name a few. The combined estimated value of the services on the market would be at least $21,000. However, the Burning Heroes Association believes in the "creating value - getting value" approach and is happy to be a platform for peer-to-peer exchange between African startups and investors, openly and collaboratively. To this end, even the top thirty will also receive access to certain service hampers

The Burning Heroes Founders Association will be announcing the full list of prizes and sponsors on the organisation’s LinkedIn page weekly starting in the middle of February. 


Burning Heroes Founders Association: On a mission of bringing together Startup Founders and Investors to build a world where talented and hard-working people have equal opportunities for creating breathtaking innovations. 

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