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Our Story:

Successful Journals’ core focus is to create a community of mentally strong individuals who treat success and wealth as simple as possible, because, at the end of the day, it all begins with a positive mindset.

Through motivational content and inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who have been through the struggles, we are not afraid to say, you are not alone, these are the testimonies of many successful business owners.

Founded by journalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Lonwabo Marele, in 2016, the goal of the company is to create a platform for previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs, to be mentally prepared.

Successful Journals’ a key platform to get inspired, to feel welcomed, and to find profound strategies on how to capitalize on your industry.

Our objective is to become a leading media player in Africa while employing over 1% of South Africa’s population by 2035.

More about us

In 2020, we got registered as Successful Journals (PTY) LTD, a digital wealth magazine, business talk show, and a media consulting company, in order to expand our reach to our local and global audiences.

The digital wealth magazine creates luxury content to inspire entrepreneurs on the elegance of wealth. The content comes from interviews done with business owners, analysts, and industry experts from across South Africa and Africa.

The business talk show is a platform where entrepreneurs and business owners share their challenges and success stories through a video and podcast panel. These interviews are shared directly on our website and social media platforms, weekly.

The media consulting agency is tailored to help small, medium, and macro businesses find success in working with the media. The company’s clients have been published in print media, they have been heard on the radio, they been seen on TV, and they have been watched by thousands on social media. Above that, the media agency helps clients with a blueprint online marketing strategy that assists them to reach their ROI (see our services page for more info or email

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